About Us

Product  Advantages:

Thanks to our high-quality suppliers and accessories, also with our imported components, all these prolong the BRESSO Oven lifespan and ensure stable product quality.

Optimal bakery equipment recommendation and layout design.We provide customerized product service for our clients.

We follow stict inspection on our products, 100% product inspection before delivery.

Our baking artisan always persuit developing menus and sharing recipes for our clients if they require.


BRESSO professional bread consultants verify the performance of the ovens by baking all kinds of European bread, Korean bread, etc. In addition, High-Tech Korean and Chinese R&D teams update and upgrade our oven technology based on user feedback. We attach great importance on R&D Technology, our annual research fee accounts for 10% of annual sales, over 30 years focus & high-speed sustainable development has making our BRESSO brand a world-class oven brand.

Service Consultation




Service Philosophy:

Honesty Is Everything, Clients Are Uppermost


1. Pre-sales Online Service

Pre-sales technical support, product customization services 

customizable according to customer requirements, color, size, voltage, etc., providing customers with the best customized solutions; professional technical engineers answer customer questions about product function and operation sections


2.After-sales Online Service

Follow-up order delivery, after-sale technical support 

Users can consult related technical issues through online services or telephone to get the best solution, including product after-sale quality maintenance, online product problem solving.


3.Online Video Training

For customer's desired products, professional technical engineers will give a detailed video introduction of the oven's function & operation, allowing customers to more intuitively understand the oven interface operation. Due to the epidemic, customers are unable to visit our company. We will provide customers with video viewing services to efficiently and intuitively introduce our company and our products to customers.


4.Replacement of components

During our 2-year warranty period, we will provide customers replacing faulty components with free-charge, excluding fragile items (glass and bulbs) and man-made damaged parts.





1.In time Delivery

Our company has professional documentation personnel to ensure timely shipment of goods, solve transportation solutions, choose the best route, shorten the shipping schedule, and ensure the delivery time for our customers.



Choose the specialized international logistics company for sea, air, and rail international transportation, with favorable freight, thereby reducing customer transportation costs.


3.Professional Package

Waterproof, shockproof and pressure resistant: inner box using stretch film + pearl cotton, outer box using fumigation-free wooden box, bottom with fumigation-free tray, professional packaging to ensure the products are intact in international transportation.